Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Are You Tired & Sick of Being Fat ?

The good news for you is : you are not the only person who beared this feeling on Earth.

Thousands peoples or even millions peoples all over the world are obessed and being over weight now adays.

Living in a modern age makes everything much easier and better for us.

On every corner of our city we can find stores which selling can/soft drink.
Fast food restaurants served us any kind of food we like not expensive and big portion.

The restaurants and the stores are the biggest support for our body to be huge.
Soon Later gives us many healthy problem because of unhealthy food, unhealthy Lifestyle, less of exercise.

As older we are, harder will be for us to maintain our proportional body.

We are trying to get back our shape by doing lots of things.
We wanting our previouse weight back and our previous dress to be fit in again.
We do jogging, aerobic, go to the gym and any others exercise to make us sweats and maximized the calorie burning but it seems useless at all.

Some of us is cutting their meals portion to be half or maybe 1/3 every meal times.

Some will be more radically to eating just one time a day. Still, the weight stuck on the current level of weight or maybe losing only 1 kg or worse maybe only 2 once.. he he he...

It really makes frustated... ..What happend then ..?

Later on we stop trying and being thinking ooh..maybe being huge and fat is already in my blood as a genetic.

With that kind of mind frame we are back to the normal habbit and eating food even double !
U then obviousely canbe predicted what will happend to your body within 1-2 years ahead.

It will be Large-Big and Huge !!

What Is The Solution ?

Do you want me to share you something that might be solved your problem ?

What will i am saying to you have been helped me to overcome my problem and other 40 mio people around the world within 28 years. It had been proven and documentated fot that long up to now.

I've lost 10 kgs within 3 months. After, soon i was getting pregnant and i was still eating products and using the program. During 9 months i only gained 5 kgs. The baby's weight was 3,6 kgs. He was a very cute and healthy Herbalife Baby.

The main of my story is : Herbalife Product and ShapeWorks program are "Totally Safe" for any age of range at any other condition. It is just a food.

If u are a cautiouse typically person to get something into your body as we understand clearly "we are what we eat" i strongly recomend you to use a natural diet program called "ShapeWorks".

What is ShapeWorks

ShapeWorks is a program that assure you to get a maximum result that you want.

You will be experienced of loosing some kgs/pound of your body without feeling hungry, pain, tired, low blood pressured, gastrich problem and etc.

What you need to do is 1-2-3 steps.

Ya, ShapeWOrks program is as easy as 1-2-3 steps that sometimes we called it 1-2-3 Steps Program.

Let me tell you how it works;

All of us is eating 3 times a day right?
Yes, we will always be... Some of us maybe will be eaten more than 3 times a day! lolz..

Now, To reduce our weight theres no other way but dieting.

You may going exercise and do jogging, but most of you would be very-very happy if could losed some kgs without being bother of getting sweated or going exercise.. don't you..?

That would not be a problem at all ...
We have ShapeWorks to to conquer it all...

Just eat 1 time a day. Eat anything you like. Anything you favourite of..
Replace 2 times of your meals. I recomend you to replace breakfast time & dinner time) with a glass of ShapeWorks. In time you plan to hangout with friends after office hours or u want to go out dinner, replace breakfast and launch time with shapeworks.
Drink 3 bottle of Water (1.5 lt x 3 bottle = 4.5 lt.)and swallow 3 x 2 Fiber Herb and Tablet to clean the vili colon.

Within 7 days u will be experienced the result of losing weight and less inches of your body.

I suggest you to meassured your body before using ShapeWorks program.


Take body measured.AS our product being guaranteed 30 days money back guarantee. make sure u take ur body measured
Take pictures.For whome successfully lose min 7kgs of their weight..the company will give u USD200 to get ur pic and testimonial as we need your story!
Drink 3 lt. of water no less. More u take a pee more ur fat being away..dont break the 1-2-3 steps. Even u are not feel hungry at night, still u have to take ur night shakes to replace ur dinner. Body will get notice wheter u feed it or not, but body couldn't be understood hom much calorie entering inside.
This what makes us lose weight!


Where could i find out this shapeworks program?

For you who lived in Indonesia u could visit this site

For you who live outside Indonesia,
U could directly contact the Herbalife Office for buy Product. But before, u need to register as a distributor... with sponsor's ID : Prima U. D1-097297

It is important for u to become a distributor. As being a distributor will give you chances to buy Shapeworks products and any other Herbalife's product 25% cheaper.

Sponsore ID will be asking when u registered ur name at Herbalife Office.
And your Sponsore ID is : D1-097297/Prima U.

Without having a sponsore would be impossible for you to buy products.
Ur sponsor will assist you to answer the question u might have aswell.

Herbalife, The Leading Co., For Science-Based Weight Loss & Nutrition.

Herbalife International, Inc., the leading company for science-based weight loss and nutrition, today announced the introduction of ShapeWorks(TM), a personalized approach to weight loss and a flagship brand for the company.
"ShapeWorks is our company's most comprehensive program offered to date," says Herbalife Chief Executive Officer Michael O. Johnson. "It is the result of almost two decades of research on the principles of good nutrition and hunger satiation by some of the most noted scientists in the discipline. The culmination of all of this is an innovative, lasting solution to weight loss.
"The approach is the first in the industry to be based on a personalized assessment of individual lean body mass rather than an arbitrary and uniform goal of pounds lost," Johnson continues.
Herbalife's proprietary Shapescan(TM) Body Analysis is the first step in the ShapeWorks personalized program. It is a non-invasive electronic scan to show potential customers their lean body mass, how many calories they burn at rest and target weight. The resulting print-out recommends an individual's personalized protein needs for building and maintaining lean muscle mass, enabling them to personalize their protein consumption based on their individual needs
Protein has a key role in weight loss and management because lack of it in the diet triggers hunger. According to Dr. David Heber, director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of California, Los Angeles, "Increasing daily protein intake and exercise builds muscle and lean body mass. The higher the lean body mass, the higher our metabolism and the more calories we burn."
The ShapeWorks shake is a key element of the ShapeWorks program, and contains a combination of soy and whey proteins, which break down into amino acids at different rates to help control hunger quickly and over several hours. The amount of protein is personalized according to the results of the Shapescan device.
The ShapeWorks program is rounded out with science-based Multivitamin Complex tablets; Herbalifeline, a valuable source of Omega-3 fatty acids; and tablets of Garden7(TM)(a).
Garden7 is a new ShapeWorks exclusive supplement to provide phytonutrients missing from the typical diet. However, Garden7(TM) does not replace the National Cancer Institute's recommendation of eating seven servings of fruits and vegetables. The average American eats only three servings per day and these are typically bananas, potatoes, and iceberg lettuce; none are rich sources of phytonutrients. For people who have a hard time eating the daily recommended seven servings of different colored fruits and vegetables, Garden7 is a new way to better nutrition.
"While there is no substitute for getting your vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables, a phytonutrient supplement provides more of what is missing in the brown-beige American diet due to poor consumer dietary choices," adds Dr. Heber.
Johnson adds, "Almost everyone talks about loss when it comes to healthy weight. ShapeWorks delivers on that but it's about gaining something, too. It is about gaining better nutrition, more energy and more willpower to have the life we want."
Along with ShapeWorks, Herbalife offers a wide range of weight management products, nutritional supplements and personal care products intended to support weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. The company's products are marketed through a network marketing system comprising approximately one million independent distributors who conduct business in 58 countries in the Asia/Pacific Rim, Japan, Europe and the Americas. In 2003, the Company had net sales of $1.2 billion. For more information, visit www.herbalife.com.
(a) These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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